Automatic Transmission Fluid

ATF Dexron III, ATF Dexron III H, Type IV, Mercon V, Dexron VI

TYF ATF series products can provide superior quality and performance under high temperature and long period of operation.  By excellent oxidation and thermal stability, the products are suitable for operation under high temperature with sludge control.  

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TYF ATF CVT has superior operation efficiency which enhances precision of transmission and gives smoothness in shifting of gears.  The product provides excellent performance on anti-wear, anti-shudder durability

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TYF ATF-DCT, -DSG provides smooth shifting of gears, with low viscosity to prevent issues such as abrupt gear shift and delayed gear engagement in high operating temperatures.  This oil reduces efficiently reduces abrasion and helps protect gears, bearings, and seals, enhancing operation performance.

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