Industrial Oil

Hydraulic Oil

This product adopts highly refined base oil, has excellent wear protection, providing good performance under extreme operation conditions.  Good thermal-stability which prevents deterioration of oil in high temperature.  Good oil/water separation performance to prevent emulsion formation.  This product is widely applicable to hydraulic system under 7000psi. 

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Circulation Oil

Circulation oil from TYF provides reliable operation with excellent oil/water separation, resistance to emulsion formation and de-foaming characteristics.  By adding anti-corrosion, anti-oxidant, and de-foaming additives, the product has outstanding performance.

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Slideway Oil

TYF Slideway Oil has high film strength for heavy-duty slideways, and will prevent and minimize machine tool shuddering.  Efficiently lubricating all kinds of machine tool parts, including the folding surface and the bed tracks, this oil assists in smooth machine tool operation and enhances quality of processed goods.  The product meets all requirement for metallic and synthesized ways, providing excellent adhesion to metal, and preventing damage from the washing action of cutting fluids. 

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