Passenger Car Motor Oil


Designed for high performance gasoline engine and light duty diesel engine, TYF ACEA A3/B4 can also be used in direct injection diesel engines.  With advanced wear protection, this product can extend the shelf life of engine, strengthen the cleanliness of engine, keep the engine running smoothly, reduce oil consumptions, and prove superior performance under extreme high and low temperatures. 

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TYF ACEA C3 is a top-tier low SAPS lubricant, suitable for gaoline engines and light-duty diesel engines meeting Euro IV, V, and VI emission standards.  This product is stable, stay-in-grade product, intended for use in vehicles with DPF and TWC in high performance gasoline engines and light-duty diesel engines.  The minimum HTHS is 3.5mPa.s.  This oil product can extend the lifetime of DPF and TWC.

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This API-SN Plus oil product is designed to solve LSAPI issues in passenger cars, can significantly reduce the LSPI events occurred in TDI/GDI engines operating at low speeds and high loads.  These abnormal premature ignition events may cause heavy knocks and hardware damage.  Applying API SN PLUS oil products may mitigate LSPI and extend the shelf life of engine.  

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